Cleaning after home renovation

The repair is finally over. You are now ready with the purchase of furniture, you have bought new slippers … but there still remains the worst part of the renovation of your home – namely cleaning after craftsmen, which can sometimes be very unpleasant activity.

Right here comes for help a company for professional cleaning. How to recognize the right one? And what we should pay attention to?

Step 1 Flooring

Professional cleaning company will not just throw garbage collected after repairs. People who really know what they do can save you the replacement of pavements, if inadvertently craftsmen have made a spot on your favorite carpet. Or they have left permanent traces of paint on the floor. Professionals will decide what product to choose and flooring will be transformed after washing with a professional machine.

Step 2 windows

Despite the main wash of the windows, people who are specially trained to clean your home, can get rid you of the remaining latex or plaster spots. And also can eliminate annoying patches of the brand new windows, even they have stood on them longer.

Step 3 bathroom

No matter the repair in the bathroom had been a cosmetic or basic, you will need a serious intervention of professional hand in order to look like your imagined bathroom. Cleaning of joints, spots, lamps, cabinets and sanitary ware. All of this will be done with the right products that will bring a real freshness into your bathroom.


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