Professional sofa laundering

Sofa is a favorite attractive place for the whole family. Maybe that’s why it is the place, where usually are a lot of spots, which can be quite stubborn. On its surface it often has traces of coffee, red wine left tracks after your last romantic dinner or keep the first pictures of your child when he discovered how interesting things can make a marker or pen.                           

If you are considering whether to change the sofa or not, perhaps you need first to give it another chance by giving it a professional laundering. In most cases, it can completely change the look of your sofa.

How does this happen?

The company has a professional cleaning machines, which with the help of extraction will clean your soft furnishings not only superficially but in depth.

All of this with the right detergents will not only clean, but also will be friendly and will be safe for children and pets.

If cleaning is carried out with a rotor machine, spilled drink, or stains left by your little child or pet will be removed in depth. It can even handle long stuck gum on fabric.

And that’s not all. After washing, the fabric can be nourished, in order to keep the best view for a long time.


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